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What others are saying:

“Ivan is a detail-oriented, kind-hearted, smart therapist who connects as well with clients as with his colleagues. Lucky are the ones who get to have him on their side!”
– Vivian Jacobs, LMFT

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ivan Diller for several years now. I find consulting with Ivan over some of our cases to be very helpful. He shows keen insight and excellent clinical abilities in discussing our respective cases.”
– Laura Dermer, LCSW

“Ivan is a talented therapist and a fantastic co-worker. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share it with others.”
– Katey Smith, LCSW

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Ivan Diller. Ivan is an enthusiastic team player who has more than once gone “above and beyond” for me in a typical workday. Ivan is a true professional who takes our agency’s mission seriously and sets out every day to complete it. Ivan’s dedication to his clients, sense of humor and authenticity make him a tremendous asset to our agency.”
– Lisa A. Clifford